Why Chess is Good for Children-Benefits of Playing Chess

Why Chess is Good for Children-Benefits of Playing Chess

Benefits of Playing Chess

Children playing chess is becoming more trendy. The game of chess is often seen as a game for teens and up.  However, recent studies show there are many benefits of playing chess for children.  If your child is in elementary school this is a great time for them to learn how to be good at chess.

Advantages of Children Playing Chess-Benefits of Playing Chess
  • Chess enhances your child’s education.  It is easy to stay focused on academics and forget about other essential skills.  Having children play chess teaches them how to be creative by coming up with more than one solution to a problem.  Chess is about having a strategy.  They learn that every piece on the board has its own unique movement.   When your child understands this concept they will see the challenges associated with the game.  Learning about the several ways in which the pieces can be moved teaches creativity.
  • Chess is excellent for teaching lifelong skills.  Playing chess is a game that has a variety of options.   Understanding body language and reading expressions while playing the game will help them to plan their strategy.  Reading expressions will help them in chess and as adults.  It is important for your child to have the ability to predict problems and consequences of actions.   Having this skill teaches them how to reason.
  • Some children are overactive and are constantly moving.   If your child has a difficult time being focused chess would help.  Because chess has so many options,  it requires concentration.  Playing chess will teach your child that in order to play, they have to learn how their opponent will play and remember the moves they took.  Being calm and observant is critical to being successful in playing chess.

Children playing chess is something I highly recommend. Learning is easier now because many schools and park districts offer chess clubs.    There are many games out there but chess is unique because many of the skills learned are transferable to skills needed in life.

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