When to Start Giving Your Child Chores-Responsibility for Kids

When to Start Giving Your Child Chores-Responsibility for Kids

When to Start Giving Your Child Chores-Responsibility for Kids

Responsibility for kids is essential to growing up and becoming productive adults.  The question is when to start giving your child chores?  Depending on your beliefs this can vary.  However, I believe that teaching responsibility can start as early as when they first start walking.    As your child grows you can adjust the chores to meet the needs of their age.  A child who is 1 can be taught to pick something up and put it where it belongs.  It will require some constant modeling and guidance but it can be done early.  Here are some chores that your kids can help with at home.

Chores for Teaching Responsibility for Kids

  • Begin to teach your child how to clean up their toys and where to put their belongings.
  • If they make a spill then have them clean up their mess.  If toxic cleaning products are a concern then you could make your own cleaning solution.  I frequently mix tea tree oil, water, lemon oil, and vinegar.  You can find an abundance of natural remedies at Wellness Mama.
  • You can have your child help you load and unload the dishwasher.
  • Have them clean their playroom.  Make sure there is a designated place for everything.  This will teach your child how to organize and the importance of keeping things neat and orderly.
  • Make sure your child is picking up the things in their bedroom.  Is everything put away in the right place?
  • Doing laundry is excellent for teaching responsibility for kids.  Have your child help you sort clothes into the right piles, putting them into the washer and dryer, and folding them.
  • Regular household chores like helping clean the bathrooms, vacuum, cleaning the table, feeding pets, sweeping, or helping with the garden.
  • Shopping for groceries and having your kids help put the items away.

Chores are not just things that children have to do but they are life skills.  When they learn them early they will continue to do it as adults.

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Tania Sims

Smart and Snazzy Kids

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