What Should I Teach my Toddler?

What Should I Teach my Toddler?

What Should I Teach My Toddler? 

Children go through many stages as they grow and they happen quickly.  One of my favorite stages is the toddler stage.  This is between the ages 1 and 3.  During this time you will see rapid growth. They will start doing things that will amaze you!  Many parents of toddlers wonder what should they teach a toddler.  Toddlers make it very easy to teach them because they are already eager to learn.   Just remember EVERYTHING is new to them.

By the time they are two years old they are building their vocabulary quickly. So singing and reading to them is very important. Nursery rhymes and Dr. Seuss are proven to develop children’s brains.

Count things that are around you.  Children at this age love to count all the time. You can start with items at home.  When your toddler is walking upstairs have them count as they are walking.  At dinner time they can count the number of apples, or whatever they have on their plate.

Begin to introduce colors to them in the same way.   Colors are everywhere!  You can talk about the colors in their clothing, food, or around the house, outside, anywhere.  For example, talk about their black shoes, your blue towel, our grass or the color of their coat.

Start talking about shapes.   Just like colors and counting, shapes are everywhere too.  You will find them often in children’s books.  Stars, crescent moons, hearts, and circles are usually the first shapes toddlers understand.

When teaching your toddler remember that teaching isn’t always formal. At this age, it is more important that they are exposed. You can teach them the basics of the world by using all the things around you.  Always remember to use these learning opportunities to have fun and bond.  Your child will soon understand everything they need to know.   So relax and just have FUN!

All the best,

Tania Sims

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