Preventing Cyber Bullying Using These Simple Steps

Preventing Cyber Bullying Using These Simple Steps

Preventing CyberBullying Using These Simple Steps

Technology has been amazing.   New advancements in technology continue to make it easier to communicate to anyone around the world.  Although technology is extremely useful and has made our lives as we know it today easier, it can also be used as a tool to harass and destroy lives. This is relevant now that young people are spending more and more time online and are at risk for cyberbullying and harassment.  Preventing cyberbullying using these simple steps can make using technology safer for our youth.

Tips for Preventing  CyberBullying

  • Keep a close eye on your kids’ online activities and stay in close communication with them, especially if it seems like something is bothering them.
  •  Tell your child if they are being bullied or know someone who is being bullied, to tell you or another adult they trust.
  • Urge them to take a break from social media and spend more time with friends.
  • Update privacy of all your accounts in social media.  Set direct restrictions on posting, messaging, tags, contacts from bullies and unknown persons.
  • Check the privacy settings of your profile and make sure it’s set to the right level. Even if your social network is set to private, it doesn’t guarantee that your information is completely private.
  • Block all contacts and delete all info that you think is inappropriate.
  • If the posts of bullies violate social platforms terms and conditions report them.
  • Be cautious about using geo-location services, location-centric apps, Foursquare, etc. Stalkers and harassers can easily access your location.
  • Remember that the friends of your friends might be able to see your posts and updates even if you are not friends with them.
  • When filling out online account profiles give minimal information and opt out of joining the site’s directory.

Other Factors to Prevent Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying deliberately uses digital media in order to communicate false, embarrassing or hostile information about or to another person.  At times, these cyber bullies create a fake account or online page with the sole intention of harassing or bullying.  Since children are the primary target, you have to be active and discuss openly and freely with your kids about these issues.  Teach your child to be careful and not respond back to unwanted messages they receive.  If the harassment is coming in the form of instant messages or mail, the best way to stop it is to block the bully. Make sure your child limits the amount of personal information on social networking platforms.  Among everything, the most important thing is to be alert and decide who to talk with over the web.

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