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Hi, I’m Tania!  My goal is to help families by providing a variety of resources to help kids stay motivated, be successful in school and to become lifelong learners.

Why Smart and Snazzy Kids?

It started for me during my first year as a teacher.  I was having a conversation with a parent and they expressed frustration because they saw that their child was having difficulty in school and they wanted resources to help them be more successful.  I would frequently give those parents some of my resources that I kept in the classroom.  At that time internet hadn’t really started and information was more limited.

As time went on I was finding that more and more parents were in need of knowing where to find resources to help their child in school.  I continued to teach primary grades for 16 years.  Then in 2011,  I was laid off from my teaching job.  At that time I found myself struggling to find another teaching job because the economy had taken a turn for the worst.  That was when I started to brainstorm ways in which I could help other parents find resources for their children to be better learners.  Soon after that, I started my website Smart and Snazzy Kids which is now Motivated Kids Rock.

My goal is to help parents raise smarter and happier children.  I wanted to help ease the frustration some parents feel when they need additional resources for their child and don’t know where to go.  I believe that all children can learn.  Its just a matter of sparking their interest,  keeping learning fun,  and children motivated to continue learning while in school and as adults.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to education it truly takes a village.  As a former teacher,  I understand the importance for parents to be active and have resources available.  When parents and teachers work together they have tremendous power to make lasting change.  Children are highly impressionable.  That is why its imperative that we start them off with all the resources needed for them to become successful.  When children have a solid foundation,  it’s very likely they will be productive adults.

My educational background consists of a B.A. in Speech Communications with a minor in Early Childhood Education and an M.A in Education from the University of Phoenix.  At Smart and Snazzy Kids/Motivated Kids Rock you’ll find meaningful learning activities for children.  You will also find some valuable resources to help your child be confident learners.  Helping kids get smarter is my mission.

Some Random Facts

  • I ran track in high school
  • I went to the Junior Olympics in Syracuse, New York
  • I wasn’t a good student in high school. I thought school was boring and didn’t see why I had to come every day.  At first, I didn’t want to go to college but I worked at a horrible job without any opportunities to advance so I went to college and became a teacher.
  • I love to eat a variety of different foods.  The reason why I don’t have a food blog is because I can’t cook so we eat out most of the time.  I know not good:(
  • I am a theater actress.
  • I have one daughter who is the best thing in my life.

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