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If you are a parent who desires to enhance your child’s knowledge globally, or a teacher who is eager for your students to learn about other cultures or countries then Little Passports  review is a great place to start for travel activities for kids.  Teaching children about cultures all over the world will teach tolerance and appreciation for the differences in people and their customs.

With this in mind, its time to go on a adventure around the world! The exciting part is you can actually travel around the world without ever leaving the comforts of home or your classroom. Come aboard on our great adventures with Sam and Sophia!

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Little Passports takes your children on a journey around the world, all from your own living room! If you haven’t heard of Little Passports, take a minute to learn about their wonderful packages that are delivered to your front door each month and teach your children (and sometimes us parents!) about different places around the world. It is a perfect addition to your homeschooling curriculum or for any parent looking to put a little fun in learning! The best part of Little Passports is all the little goodies that come with your packages each month, like a mini suitcase, passport, stickers and more! The kids love it and so will you when they start spouting out neat facts about countries around the world! Check out Little Passports today and get 40% off with the code: OFF40.

How does the adventure work, and what is in the World Edition Starter Kit?

First, you sign up with Sam and Sophia on Little Passports. Here you will be introduced to Sam and Sophia. They are imaginary best friends who take journeys to various places around the globe. Each month Sam and Sophia write a letter describing their exciting adventures.  All of these items are included in with your first month subscription of World Traveler at Little Passports. Every month, your child will continue receiving exciting activities that are specific to a particular country.

• Adorable fun travel suitcase.


• A huge colorful world wall map. The map is labeled throughly with countries, cities and capitals, which can be easily read and understood. Very kid friendly.


• Traveling Passport that includes a place for identification, questions about other countries, places to mark what they would do when they visit, section for parents to discuss with children the countries they have visited or would like to visit. Section to place a stamp of each country represented.


• Interactive activity sheet to introduce languages from all over the world.


• Teaches children how to use a map to locate country with capitals.


• Boarding Pass with a secret code for access to additional online games and activities.


Each month after the starter kit, a new package arrives with a different country.

The next package was France.

It came with the following:

  • Letter from Sam and Sophia

  • Stickers for the suitcase and passport

  • Activity sheet teaching facts about France

  • Picture of France

  • Large poster of France

  • Boarding Pass for the member section for access to new adventure


Then it was off to Japan!

That package came with:

  • Sushi Eraser

  • Artwork from Japan with directions for your child to design at home

  • Boarding pass with Japan related adventures

  • Japanese Crossword puzzles, and other activities.

  • Stickers

  • Picture of a house in Japan


So as you can see, bringing the world right to your doorstep is simple regardless of where you reside. Your child will light up with much anticipation as they look forward to opening their package each month. With Little Passports every month will be packed with highly interactive global learning activities that are sure to please your most creative minds!

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