Highlights Five Review-Basic Reading Skills

Use Highlights Five Review-basic reading skills to help kids learn and build basic reading, thinking and learning with Highlights Children’s Magazine!

One memory that stands out the most in my childhood were the efforts that my mother made to instill in me the importance of reading.  She went above and beyond to make sure that I had materials to read that were interesting.  When I came home from school one day she showed me this colorful magazine that was loaded with all sorts of fun activities.  That fun magazine was Highlights for Children.  At the time I can recall spending hours reading and doing all the activities in that magazine.  Well that was back in the 1980’s.  The best part of this story is that Highlights for Children is still providing enriching reading experiences for kids.

The quality of the activities that Highlights provides is still the same.  However, now Highlights offers its highly interactive magazine in three different categories.  The first series is called Highlights Hello which is intended for ages 0-2High Five is intended for ages 3-5, and Highlights is for ages 6-12.  Each series is filled with a tremendous amount of learning activities spanning all subject areas.  However, for this review the focus will be placed on the High Five March, 2013 issue.

Highlights Five March, 2013 issue is broken down into three sections.  Reading, Puzzles, and Activities.

Highlights Five reading section offers different types of literature.  Children are exposed to poetry.  Poetry is excellent because children love hearing words rhyme.  A short cartoon called The Adventures of Spot which focuses on repetitive text.  Repetitive text is excellent for early readers.  It gives them the confidence they need to proceed to develop additional skills.  Two short stories titled Time for a Haircut and A Purr-fect Name for read aloud are included in this issue.  The story A Purr-fect Name  teaches Spanish.  Read aloud stories enhance vocabulary and can be read to children at almost any age.


Highlights Five creatively introduces puzzles to preschoolers by having activities that ask children to find certain objects in a big picture.  Puzzles are used to determine how pictures are the same and how they are different.  Learning to compare objects is important for early readers because it will assist in their preparations for learning how to read.  Puzzles are also used to identify letters in the alphabet within a picture.

Activities provided in Highlights Five offer loads of fun for the entire family.  In this issue there are three activities that allow children to practice gross motor skills.  Children are given activities to do action rhymes that stimulate creativity.  Other activities included in this issue are four different ways to build a house using inexpensive items.  Some interactive activities include a kid friendly recipe.  Sunshine Salad is easy to make and it is a healthy snack that promotes good eating habits. To get ready for spring, Highlights teaches children how to design an Umbrella Suncatcher . Encourage Creativity with Highlights Children’s Magazine!

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