Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension-Gross Motor Skills

The Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension- gross motor skills, is  safe and durable.  The Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension is safety tested. This toy is an absolute MUST for developing gross motor skills.

According to recent reviewers, this toy is in compliance with lead regulations. It comes in four different colored sections so the set up is simple. The feet stay in place.

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Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension-Gross Motor Skills

Select a large area for the toy to be. Then assemble all four sections. When it is fully assembled it will be 67in L x 39 1/2in W x 24in H. With adult supervision, children can climb on, in, and around the attractive caterpillar tunnel. Although this is appealing to toddlers and infants, it is designed for children ages 3 years and up. One really big advantage is that this is washable!

Developing Gross Motor Skills with the Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension

Children love to be constantly moving! It is recommended that children enjoy one to two hours of Active Play daily. Moving is the most common way they explore their environment and discover the world. Generally, this comes with ease. Starting with crawling, walking, running, and jumping. Gross motor skills involve moving large muscles such as arms, legs, feet, or entire body. Usually these skills develop quickly during childhood. Play is imperative in helping children develop excellent gross motor skills.

There are five major components to developing gross motor skills.

1. Balance- A child’s ability to adjust the body accordingly.
2. Body Awareness- Refers to the child being able to improve posture and control.
3. Laterality- The child begins to show awareness of left and right sides of the body.
4. Spatial Orientation- A child shows awareness of how their body is positioned in space and in relation to other objects and people.
5. Co-ordination- Using the major muscle groups. Learning to ride a bike, throwing and kicking balls.

This is the perfect toy for children ages 3 and up. When you purchase this toy your child will be spending hours at a time playing and developing their gross motor skills which is why I have chosen the Crawl Through Caterpillar Extension for developing gross motor skills.

• The toy is extremely attractive, and children will gravitate towards it.
• It has holes on each side that are designed for climbing. This will help them with learning how to position their body for spatial awareness.
• Several opportunities are provided for children to use large muscles like arms, legs and entire body.
• Excellent for establishing balance and coordination.
• Easy to clean.
• Durable and sturdy caterpillar feet are implanted on the floor. Your child can play freely and safely.
• Children will have an opportunity to be creative and learn how to play cooperatively.
• Helps children to recognize the left and right sides of their body.

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