ABC  proves to be interactive.   Our review of reveals the advantages and disadvantages of reading with computers. Learning how to read is a bundle of fun with!   This highly interactive website offers an entire curriculum with reading, writing, math, social studies, art, and music with over 350 lessons and six levels.   Your child will also be able to select books, games songs, animations, puzzles, and printable sheets.  As your child completes each lesson, they are rewarded with tickets.  The levels are designed into categories.

Toddler Time
Preschool 3 and older levels 1 & 2
Preschool-Kindergarten levels 3-4
Kindergarten levels 5-6

Free Preschool Games Online is intended for preschool to kindergarten.  It is a very colorful site with detailed graphics that is inviting to children.  When you first sign up your child will be directed to the about me section.  This section has six sections.

My Avatar–  The child will select their own clothes, physical features, and pet.

My Favorites- Here the child will keep track of their favorite activities they have completed.

My Lessons- In this area the child will have an opportunity to see which lessons have been completed and which ones they still need before graduating to the next level.

My Email-This is a really neat feature.  It teaches your preschooler how to compose, forward, reply, delete, and print emails.  Although the messages are not sent to a real email address it is a good tool for teaching.

My Files- As children complete certain files such as art, will save their selected images for them to print later.

My Tickets-  has a ticket reward system for completing each activity.  This is where your child will go when they want to see how many tickets  they have earned.  When I did this with my daughter her eyes lit up with sheer delight!  She was so excited to be earning tickets. offers an extensive three step learning program. Each step has hundreds of activities that enhance your child’s learning.  All of these learning steps can be accessed through the home page of the website.

Educational Games for 2-6 Year Olds

Step by Step Learning

Step by Step Learning begins when you initially enroll in the program.  At that time the parent selects the level that is appropriate for their child.  If you find that the level is too easy or difficult it can be changed to meet the child’s needs.  Then you proceed by going into the actual classroom and clicking the path on the white board in the classroom.  All of the step by step learning will take place on the white board.  Once that is clicked, then it will open up to a preselected path such as the beach, park, forest, or mountains.  There are five lessons at each level.  When they finish all lessons on their level they will graduate to the next level and get a certificate.  Since children learn through repetition you will find that many activities are repeated to ensure that the child has understood the concept.

Independent Learning

Independent learning activities are any activities that can be explored anywhere on the sight.  They can begin by going into the classroom and clicking on the activity buttons at the top of the page.  Or they can learn about other topics such as animals and mapping.   Another good place for your child to have some independent practice is with the basics section.  Here they practice reading and math skills.  The classroom is designed to have independent learning in all subjects. Just about any item in the classroom will turn into an activity.

Guided Learning

Guided learning is when parents have an opportunity to develop their own lessons tailored for their child’s needs.  This is done by using the Lesson Builder feature on the parent home page.  This is especially helpful when if your child is struggling with a particular concept.  It is also helpful when a concept is introduced  or reinforced.

I found to be highly engaging.  This website has a huge variety of lessons that span the entire curriculum.  Any young child is sure to learn from this website.  Although, there are six different levels, you may find that your child may need some assistance with some of the concepts.  Especially, with the sight words, and word families.  Those can be difficult for a preschool student.  Having the opportunity for independent learning is a wonderful idea, however it can be easy for your child to wonder into those activities before they have mastered the concepts.  If this happens I would suggest turning it into a guided learning lesson. Another advantage to the lessons on is that every lesson throughout the entire website begins with a book about the topic. I found this to be a big advantage because it reinforces that reading is everywhere.  Additionally, it introduces children to fictional and non-fictional text. Being introducing early will provide children a wealth of vocabulary spanning across all subjects. Overall, has a variety learning opportunities for the young child.  It is the perfect place for your child to begin their education so that they are off to a successful beginning to their education.

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