How to Build Your Child’s Confidence in Reading

How to Build Your Child’s Confidence in Reading

How to Build Your Child’s Confidence in Reading

Learning how to build your child’s confidence in reading takes practice.   Children learn the skills and with practice, they will improve.  But what about confidence? That is often overlooked but is critical for readers.  Having confidence and the belief that you can do something will allow your child to flourish and grow.

Tips to Build Your Child’s Confidence in Reading 

  • Read stories to your kids from infancy and early childhood before sleep or throughout the day every day.  Many don’t realize the importance of reading during infancy.  Although infants are not able to speak they do have the ability to absorb what is being said.  Believe it or not, they are learning how to speak by hearing the words read and spoken to them. You will see as they grow into early childhood they will begin to respond to the story, ask questions and sometimes act the stories out!  If they want the same story then just keep reading it. It’s very common for young children to want to hear the same story repeatedly.
  • Find interesting and appropriate books for your children.  For example, my daughter loved Fancy Nancy and My Little Pony when she was smaller. Later she began to like, Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus.  There are so many books available.  Choose what will interest your child.  This includes non-fiction books as well.
  • Books such as My Little Pony, or Caliou have television series which is fine. I suggest let your children watch the shows related to the books.   They will grow even more interested and you will notice how much their confidence will build.
  • Don’t be afraid of difficult books.  If your child is unable to read it then you can read it to them.  You will be amazed at how much they will learn.  Remember they are able to understand at higher levels than they can read.  So read whatever will interest them.
  • Raz-kids and Read theory are two good websites. Both of these websites will help to enhance your child’s reading and build confidence.
  • Find some interesting apps or games to improve their language skills.  You may want to build skills with other languages.  A good place to start is Duolingo.  This is a free app that will teach a different language for free.  Learning a different language will enhance your child’s intellectual capacity and build confidence in their native language.

Here are a few resources for building your child’s confidence today:

Teachnology, Inc.

ABC Home Preschool

All the Best,

Tania Sims

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