Helping Kids Learn How to Make Friends

Helping Kids Learn How to Make Friends

Helping Kids Learn How to Make Friends

Socialization is fundamental to a child’s success in life.   In the early stages,  they are learning how to solve conflicts among their peers, sharing,  and learning about life at the same time.  Helping kids learn how to make friends teaches them skills that will last a lifetime.

Try using some of these tips to help your child make friends:

      • Tell them that its ok to take a risk and talk to other kids.  Reassure them that even if the other person does not respond the way they may have hoped that it is not their fault.   It teaches them early that rejection happens and recognize it is a part of life.
      • Use books to help teach your child about friendship.  I would start out with the book Making Friends (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition)  What I like about this book is one it is a classic, (you can’t go wrong with Mister Rogers!)  I also like how real children are used in the story.  The children are interacting with each other.   When children see themselves they can relate easier.  Another book for helping kids learn how to make friends is Join In and Play (Learning to Get Along®)  It is a very good book for teaching kids how to get along, taking turns, and sharing.  Each of these crucial to making friends.
      • Let your child know that making friends is about a friendship where everyone has a mindset of helping each other.  Teach them early that even if they are not friends with the other person, then having respect for one another is important.
      • Give your child ideas of how to show love and affection in how one talks to people.
      • Encourage them to compliment friends, encourage them, show interest in things they care about and teach them to offer help to others.
      • Help your child see the value they add to someones else’s life by being friendly.

Helping kids learn how to make friends can have a variety of emotions.  As your child embarks on this journey, they will feel these emotions.  At times it will affect you as much as it does them.   The most important thing to let them know that rejection is part of life.  Life is filled with happiness and disappointments.   However, it is how we deal with them determines the kind of people we will become.  Help your child understand regardless you will always be there and love them.

All the best,

Tania Sims

Motivated Kids/Smart and Snazzy Kids

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