Accommodations for Your Child with Learning Problems

Accommodations for Your Child with Learning Problems

Accommodations for Your Child with Learning Problems

Making accommodations for your child with learning problems means making it easier for your child to learn in school.  Thanks to technology, learning how to make accommodations for your child with learning disabilities is easier.

There are four areas that technology and traditional education can be used together.

  • Organization
  • Note Taking
  • Writing
  • Cognitive Assistance


Children with learning problems should learn to organize their thoughts first.   Flow-charts, webbing, and generating outlines are excellent organizers to help your child.  Graphic organizers help your child see their ideas clearly.   Brainstorming ideas, color coding, and grouping ideas in ways that visually represent their thoughts will give your child a clear understanding of the topic they are studying.

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Note Taking

• Use outlines for your child to fill in information

•Set up web-cam photography across the Internet.  It allows your child to see and hear without being present.

•Sending class notes and presentations via email.

•Have the notes translated from print to voice by using optical character recognition software with a voice synthesizer.

•Help your child take notes by using notebook computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) or by using an ipad or tablet.


Writing is challenging for most kids regardless of their abilities.   Your child may encounter some problems that include the following:

Mechanics: spelling, grammar,  and punctuation errors.

•Process: brainstorming ideas, organizing, drafting, editing, revising, making a final copy.

•Motivation:  Being interested in writing, not becoming frustrated.

This problem is avoided by using, grammar, spell-checkers, dictionaries, thesaurus programs are helpful with mechanics of writing.  Technology makes it easier to make writing projects.  Computers help you and your child proofread together and make improvements.  Computer editing will reduce the number of erasures, torn papers, and poor handwriting.  Producing a final copy that is neat and legible will be easier.

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Using a computer for writing will motivate your child to write.  Computers offer a huge variety of font styles to customize and point out the features that are important to them.  Typing can be taught by Typing Instructor for Kids Platinum 5 [Download].   Video, audio, drawings, and graphic images can be stimulating to students.  Using multimedia will promote learning and your child will come up with more ideas.  If your child is starting to write,  you can use a mixture of symbols and text to create a writing piece.


Cognitive Assistance

Helping your child with drills, tutorials. and problem-solving will make learning for your child a more pleasant experience.   Internet software will help your child remember assignments.  As your child continues to familiarize themselves with the latest trends in technology,  it will help them to follow directions, make to-do lists, retrieve notes, check spelling or look up words in a dictionary.

Most importantly,  learning should not be a burden.  Regardless of your child’s needs, rest assured they can and will learn.  For more resources that will help your child look at my resources page for some internet resources. 

All the best,

Tania Sims

Smart and Snazzy Kids

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