5 Tips for Selecting Preschool for Shy Kids

5 Tips for Selecting Preschool for Shy Kids

Your sweet adorable little one has reached the preschool age and I’m sure one thing that is on your mind is what is the best setting for my child.  Those of you attempting to help your child overcome shyness may find it especially challenging to find the perfect fit for your little one.  I thought these tips would be helpful for those of you in the process of selecting a preschool for shy kids.

Check to see if the preschool has a flexible schedule.  Enrolling your child in a school with a flexible schedule may be easier so that one parent could be present for a portion of the day.  You may also want to have the ability to stop by at any given time to check on your child.


Have a school connected to family. If your child has a sibling who is older and attending school, try to get your child entering preschool to attend the same school.  Your preschooler may have some comfort knowing that they have an older sibling down the hall.

Parent helping Preschool Child

Spend significant time in the classroom.  Some children need time to adjust to their new environment.  If its possible go there together with your child, and spend some time in the classroom, going on field trips, or helping out with classroom projects.


Start of slow and build up.  Initially it may be a difficult time for your child.  They may cry a lot, but with persistence, your child will adjust well.

Some additional things to look for include:

  • Flexibility in their agenda
  • The ability of the parent to be nearby or present for part of the time
  • Ability to start gradually
  • The ability to work as a team with the teacher to assist in a smooth transition

Whatever school you select, rest assured that the transition for every child is different and a normal process.  Just be patient and eventually you will see an eager happy child ready and willing to learn!

All the Best,

Tania Sims

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